Plenty of lift left in this deadlift!

Plateslam 2021 turned into a 1 Rep Max day for back squat, overhead press, and deadlift.

324 lbs / 160 lbs / 324 lbs respectively. I am very happy with that, and learned I need to buy more plates!

(324 lbs is every plate that I have, including the little .5 lb weights!)

My first child just out “dad joked” my mother. Not sure what that means…

I have been listening to the Songs of Disneyland Trader Sam’s area loop on repeat. It has me wanting to be on vacation.

This dude got in the house… I blame the cats #mbaug 📷

Home made focaccia egg sandwich. So, so good!

Starting up with Nike Run Club again. Today’s run was very hot.


Pandemic day 137 breakfast

Pandemic day 136 lunch

Pandemic day 136 breakfast.

Egg whites, home smoked pork, home pickled jalapeños and pickles.