A jaunt to Washington, Virginia and a meal at Patty O’s, a new spot from the Patrick O’Connell. It was a delicious meal and tasty cocktails!

I think screen time requests from my kids are getting hidden by my always on Focus mode.

Plenty of lift left in this deadlift!

Plateslam 2021 turned into a 1 Rep Max day for back squat, overhead press, and deadlift.

324 lbs / 160 lbs / 324 lbs respectively. I am very happy with that, and learned I need to buy more plates!

(324 lbs is every plate that I have, including the little .5 lb weights!)

My first child just out “dad joked” my mother. Not sure what that means…

I have been listening to the Songs of Disneyland Trader Sam’s area loop on repeat. It has me wanting to be on vacation.

This dude got in the house… I blame the cats #mbaug 📷

Home made focaccia egg sandwich. So, so good!

Starting up with Nike Run Club again. Today’s run was very hot.


Pandemic day 137 breakfast