Pandemic day 137 breakfast

Pandemic day 136 lunch

Pandemic day 136 breakfast.

Egg whites, home smoked pork, home pickled jalapeños and pickles.

Earl is enjoying the sun today.

I have been on steroids for the last 5 days, and they have been helping with a very itchy skin issue. But they sure have kicked up my anxiety and agitation. On the plus side, I am getting a very good understanding of how my body reacts to stress.

Today was a good day in the kitchen: removed the skin from a pork shoulder to smoke it, dehydrated the skin to fry it into pork rinds, rendered the extra fat from the skin into lard, broke the bone from shoulder to fit it the pressure cooker to make stock. 🔪🍳🐖

Outdoors Saturday morning brunch

I am observing my first Scouts BSA Eagle Scout Board of Review. It is an interesting process. I wonder how my younger self would have fared with these questions.


It was a tough hike, but the view was worth it! DD1A68D1-E0A7-44CF-AFF2-680370DF0A20.jpg