2022-08-13 Relearning and remembering how to play cribbage. An activity that my grandparents taught me is now …

2022-08-08 The sunset on our final night of the cruise.

2022-07-15 First time at, and in the pool in years. Let’s see how my skin reacts.

2022-07-13 Well, this is an odd turn - make it into poetry, I guess… Members of the house exposed. Someone - …

2022-07-12 Today’s crisis - my mom didn’t buy enough ham salad on her way to my house. A perfect …

2022-07-10 A nice painting 🎨 project started over the holiday weekend and finished yesterday. Time to varnish …

2022-07-10 A wet hike 🥾 with a buddy, and now coffee ☕️ and Formula 1 🏎. Not a bad way to start the day!

2022-07-08 A gorgeous find at the botanical garden. Enough to justify a membership.

2022-07-07 My wife shared this, and it brings a tear to my eye.

2022-07-07 Bratwurst and egg breakfast sandwich. Would recommend. Would eat again!

2022-07-06 Lifting weights 🏋🏻‍♂️ and making peanut butter and banana sandwiches 🥪 , as you do.

2022-07-05 Unexpected found my afternoon meetings cancelled. Now what to do?

2022-07-05 Unexpected found my afternoon meetings cancelled. Now what to do?

2022-05-22 This morning @estherb says that she is almost done with Instagram. Too many ads, too many …

2022-03-11 Somehow, with everyone in the house sick with COVID, I have not shown positive on any test. I think …

2022-03-10 I changed my name in the Starbucks app to “Pro-Union.” No barista has shouted out my …

2022-01-16 Wordle 211 4/6 ⬛🟩⬛🟨⬛ (1 partial, 1 perfect) 🟩🟩⬛🟨⬛ (1 partial, 2 perfect) 🟩🟩🟨⬛⬛ (1 partial, 2 …

2022-01-05 Today, I’m grateful for a return to routine and a body that can move.

2022-01-04 Today, I am grateful for our snow day traditions.

2022-01-03 This was meant to be attached to my previous post. I guess that today I am also grateful to remember …

2022-01-03 Today, I am grateful for the little bit of snow we got

2022-01-03 Today, I am thankful for my wonderful wife’s cooking.

2022-01-03 Today, I am grateful for shelter, and higher ground.

2021-12-25 Santa is ready for a long winter’s nap.

2021-12-19 A jaunt to Washington, Virginia and a meal at Patty O’s, a new spot from the Patrick …

2021-12-18 I think screen time requests from my kids are getting hidden by my always on Focus mode.

2021-12-17 Plenty of lift left in this deadlift!

2021-12-17 Plateslam 2021 turned into a 1 Rep Max day for back squat, overhead press, and deadlift. 324 lbs / …

2021-11-28 My first child just out “dad joked” my mother. Not sure what that means…

2020-08-02 I have been listening to the Songs of Disneyland Trader Sam’s area loop on repeat. It has me wanting …

2020-08-01 This dude got in the house… I blame the cats #mbaug 📷

2020-07-31 Home made focaccia egg sandwich. So, so good!

2020-07-28 Starting up with Nike Run Club again. Today’s run was very hot. 🏃🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

2020-07-28 Pandemic day 137 breakfast

2020-07-27 Pandemic day 136 lunch

2020-07-27 Pandemic day 136 breakfast. Egg whites, home smoked pork, home pickled jalapeños and pickles.

2020-07-23 Earl is enjoying the sun today.

2020-07-21 I have been on steroids for the last 5 days, and they have been helping with a very itchy skin …

2020-07-19 Today was a good day in the kitchen: removed the skin from a pork shoulder to smoke it, dehydrated …

2020-07-18 Outdoors Saturday morning brunch

2020-07-13 I am observing my first Scouts BSA Eagle Scout Board of Review. It is an interesting process. I …

2020-03-07 Breakfast

2019-12-28 It was a tough hike, but the view was worth it!

2019-12-27 These two want to have breakfast with us.

2019-12-27 Morning mountain air. Fresh coffee. Family. This is a good holiday!

2019-12-26 Lunch stop at Mateo in Durham! Excited for the food, and the music is on point.

2019-12-25 Things I learned today: Staying within a budget can still lead to a nice Christmas That Bittermilk …

2019-12-06 It has been such a busy morning already. Walk the dog, go to the gym, get the boy to school, take …

2019-11-18 20191118-WOD 15 min AMRAP: Row 10 calories 10 push press @ 55# 10 ablation sit-ups Results: 7 …

2019-11-12 I finally got to play my alternate timeline D&D character, O’ruc Flair, a half orc gladiator who …

2019-11-10 AirPods Pro One Week Review My lovely wife got me a pair of AirPods Pro as a birthday gift. I had …

2019-11-10 Flying home after a great weekend playing D&D.

2019-11-09 First night of D&D In Real Life weekend was great! Fought a giant tree monster and leveled up!

2019-11-08 An hour of painting and my D&D character comes to life! 🎲

2019-11-07 Let the shenanigans begin!

2019-11-07 Landed in Louisville, and I’ve already had my first bourbon. The woman at the airport bar …

2019-11-07 Making the approach to ATL.

2019-11-07 RIC ✈️ ATL ✈️ SDF

2019-11-06 My amazing wife got me a pair of Air Pods Pro for my birthday. They arrived yesterday and I have …

2019-11-05 Election Day. Time to check people in to vote!

2019-11-04 I am taking a social and emotional intelligence class through work. I am learning that I need to …

2019-11-03 Breaking down camp is always bitter sweet. The end of a camp out, a return to ones own bed.

2019-11-01 Campout with the girl. #NoNightMode

2019-10-11 Seattle coffee (so far): Joe Chocolate - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - amazing mocha. Victrola ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - a super …

2019-10-09 Landed in Sea-Tac. On the light rail heading to the hotel!

2019-10-09 ATL 🛫 to 🛬 SEA

2019-10-09 RIC 🛫 to 🛬 ATL

2019-10-03 No matter how busy the day, it is always made better when you hear both your kids singing along to …

2019-09-24 💙💜💖

2019-09-22 Adult green tea lemonade. By my mixologist-for-life.

2019-09-11 Yesterday was such a good day!


2019-09-09 Clearly, this years conference swag is a book. I got one, the next conference got a book. Is this a …

2019-09-09 At the hotel restaurant, during a work conference in Orlando, the menu had Pappy. They didn’t have …

2019-09-08 🛬 Landed in Orlando.

2019-09-07 Charcuterie 🍷

2019-09-07 2014, 2015, 2016 Rendezvous and 2015 Lost Mountain 🍷

2019-09-07 Ready for the wine tasting at RdV 🍷

2019-04-19 Some days you don’t send an emergency text message to 15,000 people. Some days you do.

2019-04-15 一、努力の精神を養うこと

2019-03-15 I am loving Queer Eye season 3. I have laughed, I have cried tears of joy. It is an absolute …

2019-03-13 Off to a work conference today.

2019-03-12 Changes

2019-02-12 How terrible is this blog post title: How to Trick Your Partner into Using Todoist - Ambition & …

2019-02-10 It is certainly convenient that my diet “rest day” fell on the same day as brunch at my …

2019-02-05 Making some changes. Both online and off. Will write them up soon.

2019-01-30 Mind blown: the Sovereign Military Order of Malta is afforded the privileges of sovereignty, but has …

2019-01-29 We made it in! Got a great welcome!

2019-01-29 Waiting to see the state senate from the gallery. I may expire here. Please remember me. ☠️

2019-01-29 Meeting the delegates and senators!

2019-01-29 I’m flying solo at Equality Birginia Day of Action. I’m planning on lunch at the Secrer Sandwich …

2019-01-29 Making my annual pilgrimage to Richmond to lobby my delegates and senators for the right to not be …

2019-01-29 Activating the iPhone XS eSIM on Verizon

2019-01-29 Something isn’t quite right here…🤔

2019-01-28 My son had a great observation today, while at my office: if the building only has two floors why …

2019-01-28 🤣🤣🤣 I didn’t realize it was a whole sub genre! youtu.be/_GJJmLeTl…

2019-01-28 I found this genuinely humorous.

2019-01-27 The Inn At Little Washington

2019-01-25 After 25 years out of the dojo, I brought a new guy with me, my son!

2019-01-25 Friday: Last day of interviews. Also, day before heading to a three Michelin Star restaurant. Very …

2019-01-24 Nothing like trying to freeze your credit online and getting an error. Because fucking of course… …

2019-01-22 Tonight’s dessert.

2019-01-22 The girl went and tried a meeting with a different scout troop and loved it. I’m so glad we went. …

2019-01-22 It is amazing that after 25 years outside of the dojo, I was surprisingly proficient last night.

2019-01-19 The Bachelor

2019-01-18 Sigh… not sure why my Apple TV keeps complaining out network drop outs from my eerie… no other …

2019-01-18 Another day with a tie.

2019-01-18 [D]escriptions of Donald Trump, stated between 2015 and 2018, by Lindsey Graham, a Republican …

2019-01-17 This meeting…

2019-01-17 📸 Today is a suit day.

2019-01-16 This is well over half the bearded man I used to be… 🧔🏻

2019-01-16 I don’t want to be a brand.

2019-01-16 I told my wife that I needed to trim my beard to deal with some skin irritation, that got me …


2019-01-15 This is a big ruling! Clearly it will be violated because biometric unlocking is so easy and we are …

2019-01-14 We had a great D&D session tonight. There was romance, bribing customs officials, and not a …

2019-01-13 Back on Micro.blog.

2018-11-24 My daughters Blood Angels successor chapter kill team with colors inspired by Iron Man. Not sure …



2018-09-04 First day of school.

2018-08-11 Homemade chicken and waffles from @esther.benoit

2018-08-09 Thanks @shawngambill for the great cut!

2018-08-09 First long distance #boostedboard ride. The weather and traffic were perfect!

2018-08-01 Sick after the cruise…

2018-07-27 #skiesoutthighsout


2018-07-27 Sailing away from St. Maarten.

2018-07-22 Me. Slightly intoxicated… I lost my shirt. Ready to depart!

2018-07-22 This is me. Not drunk. Srsly. Before the cruise. Don’t let @esther.benoit fool you, drunk me is not …

2018-06-04 Esther sampling a triple decker home-made oatmeal cream pie.

2018-06-04 Bantam Everybody’s Warmed

2018-06-04 Esther sampling a triple decker home-made oatmeal cream pie.

2018-06-04 Bantam Everybody’s Warmed

2018-06-01 I use “Jerry” as my coffee name, because I have had my name butchered in every possible way. Now the …

2018-05-28 Happy Birthday @esther.benoit!



2018-05-20 Early morning bike ride for pancake ingredients

2018-05-20 Early morning bike ride for pancake ingredients

2018-05-15 Pretty sure I just walked past the Winkelvoss twins in a hotel bar.

2018-05-13 Getting ready!

2018-05-13 Getting ready!

2018-05-12 A lovely dinner with the best company. The fact that there was George T. Stagg bourbon for $24 …

2018-05-12 A delicious drink and huevos rancheros!



2018-05-11 A long drive up the east coast from Virginia to New Hampshire. Highlight of the day, seeing NYC, …

2018-05-06 So, um. I just made reservations for my family at a three Michelin star restaurant. Time to expose …

2018-05-06 Waiting on queso.

2018-05-06 Finally got OwnYourGram all set up!

2018-05-06 Waiting on queso.

2018-05-03 Another episode of the vlog has been posted: youtu.be/9Kp1r0F8j…

2018-05-03 Something isn’t quite right. Can’t quite put my finger on it…

2018-05-02 I may have turned a 600 hour project into checking a single check box…

2018-05-01 I have tried to setup OwnYourGram.com with m.b, but I can’t get it to work… what am I doing wrong?

2018-05-01 Doing my civic duty today, acting as an officer of the election, working the polls for the city …

2018-04-30 Jeredb MicroCast 1

2018-04-30 First "vlog" post

2018-04-30 Not a cloud in the sky!

2018-04-30 I made something today! Hope you like. jered.link/nitro #coffee #coldbrewcoffee #coldbrew …

2018-04-30 So, I made something today. All on my iPhone. I hope you enjoy it! youtu.be/PfNyLOxqf…

2018-04-30 I made something today! Hope you like. jered.link/nitro #coffee #coldbrewcoffee #coldbrew …

2018-04-26 Lifting weights is getting simultaneously easier and harder. The diet is just getting harder.

2018-04-23 It is weird when going to the gym and exercising every day is becoming enjoyable. I guess this is …

2018-04-22 Got my Earth Day achievement!

2018-04-19 Restaurant noise levels are climbing. Here’s how to fight back.

2018-04-18 This is a test post from Drafts.

2018-04-08 She says she is helping me drink my beer… she keeps whispering as I sip…

2018-04-08 She says she is helping me drink my beer… she keeps whispering as I sip…

2018-04-08 This “working out” thing sure takes a lot of energy…

2018-04-01 Reward for surviving the Penland Easter egg hunt.

2018-04-01 Reward for surviving the Penland Easter egg hunt.

2018-03-31 Work from Penland School of the Arts. Got my creative fires lit again.



2018-03-18 Brunch with my favorite people at my favorite spot.

2018-03-07 Death Guard versus Rampant Lions

2018-03-06 Thank you all for the tea suggestions. I will now begin my exploration beyond tea bags!

2018-03-05 Okay. I have given up coffee and am switching to tea. What should I drink? What equipment should I …

2018-03-01 We battled through a computer issue to bring you the latest episode of Not Ben and Jerry’s …

2018-03-01 The first episode recorded on scene at our favorite restaurant! Conversation.show episode 9

2018-02-17 Busy Benoit Saturday! Pinewood derby this morning, swim meet this afternoon. 🏎 ➕ 🏊🏻‍♀️

2018-02-15 Our first guests on the Conversation Show! Listen to the hilarious mix of Olympic opening …

2018-02-15 Our first guests on the Conversation Show! Listen to the hilarious mix of Olympic opening …

2018-02-15 It is also a lot of fun to have @estherbenoit as a partner! I love hearing her edits and how she …

2018-02-15 I am really loving having a little podcast network. It definitely provides a rythym to the week, and …

2018-02-15 Not Ben (Shane) and Not Jerry (me!) talk about the Winter Olympics, Valentine’s Day, and smart …

2018-02-15 Our first guests on Conversation.show! @estherbenoit’s brother and his wife join us in an Olympic …

2018-02-15 Okay big day for your ears! Multiple b3noit.com podcast episodes dropping!

2018-02-14 Pinewood derby cars are ready to race!

2018-02-09 Also, not normally a creeper, but I needed to have photographic proof!

2018-02-09 Multipad lifestyle in the wild!!

2018-02-08 Also, @estherbenoit is the best editor! Seriously. Check out her work!

2018-02-08 Oh my gosh! The best episode of the Conversation Show came out today. You have to check this one …

2018-02-08 The latest episode of @NotBenAndJerry has dropped. The conditions for recording were not ideal, but …

2018-02-07 The editor (@estherbenoit) says that this week’s episode of the Conversation(Dot)Show is a great …

2018-02-06 Getting ready to interview.

2018-02-05 A fruitful day.

2018-02-05 Alchemy Coffee - Richmond, VA

2018-02-05 I’m sitting in a educational session about genderqueer terminology and issues. It is very …

2018-02-05 A hearty reward for talking to legislators…

2018-02-05 Some post lobbying libations.

2018-02-05 Met with his legislative aide and pressed her on a few bills. I’m sure nothing will come of it, but …

2018-02-05 Of course the legislator who supports discriminatory policies isn’t in… and that sucker won by a …

2018-02-05 Also, said “ma’am” once already. Will try harder.

2018-02-05 Checked in.

2018-02-05 For Micro Monday, I recommend you follow @belle. She has reminded me several time to use my …

2018-02-04 ✅ A morning rpg session with the family for the next episode of DiceRolling.Family.

2018-02-03 “I will live in Montana. And I will marry a round American woman and raise rabbits, and she will …

2018-02-03 “Next time, Jack, write a God damned memo”

2018-02-03 You guys! Hunt for the Red October is down to $4.99 on iTunes! Don’t say I didn’t ever give you …

2018-02-03 It is Saturday, so it is Conversation Show episode day! Enjoy!

2018-02-03 Saturday morning breakfast.

2018-02-01 Oh Lord! Episode 6 of @Conversationshow is going to be a wild one! Look for it on Feb 10!

2018-02-01 Music that plucked the nostalgic chord at dinner has lead to an evening of music from my past. It is …

2018-02-01 The new Bitmoji deluxe avatars are so good, I’m considering changing my custom avatar… Is this …

2018-02-01 A new, fresh episode of the dormant @NotBenAndJerry podcast. It is back! Give it a listen here: …

2018-01-31 I have been working very hard to create my own little podcast network, and it is almost ready. …

2018-01-30 Not feeling well yesterday or today. Fingers crossed for a recovery by tomorrow.

2018-01-25 Well, looks like the podcast thing is going to stick around. Just bought mics and a mixer.

2018-01-25 When it works, taking the kids to school is great!

2018-01-22 In the last couple of weeks, one podcast has turned into three. I’ve created a little podcast …

2018-01-21 It seems like we are going to have a family podcast network in the near future.

2018-01-21 Another day, another morning at a pool.

2018-01-20 The kids are doing quite a number on my Space Marines.

2018-01-20 Even though the day started with a swim meet, it has been a very relaxing day. I can get used to …

2018-01-20 Another day, another swim meet. Thankfully @estherbenoit took the early shift. Tomorrow I will do …

2018-01-17 Didn’t sleep well. Will somehow make it through the day.

2018-01-13 Oh my gosh! The Transformers: The movie is available on iTunes. Such a nostalgia rush! I am so …

2018-01-13 It is Saturday, so another episode of the Conversation(Dot)Show is up! conversation.show/2

2018-01-08 On Micro Monday, I recommend @patrickrhone. He shares generously, is always thoughtful in his words, …

2018-01-07 Hey @conversationshow! The beinenstisch was amazing!

2018-01-07 With the first episode of the conversation.show published, now I need to figure out how to get a …

2018-01-06 I’m starting a podcast with my wife. She is the most amazing partner to have. Find our first episode …

2018-01-06 Okay. I was hosting all of my own posts on my Squarespace blog, total ownership. But posting was a …

2018-01-06 Trying this way out…

2018-01-04 I just saw some Advantix film in someone's fridge.

2018-01-04 And these two are crazy fun! <img src="http://jeredb.com/uploads/2019/138521cf33.jpg" …

2018-01-04 This beauty makes a snow day so much better! <img …

2018-01-04 After The first snow of the year, we make donuts. This year’s batch were exceptionally good! …

2018-01-04 She isn’t allowed to get on the sofa, except for today. <img …

2018-01-04 Nice and quiet out there. <img src="http://jeredb.com/uploads/2019/f9351fc48a.jpg" …

2018-01-03 Shopping list for Snowmaggedon 2018: hot chocolate sleds firewood Everything else is secondary.

2018-01-02 I have adjusted things on my website to incorporate my microblog content on the main page. Just need …

2018-01-01 Setup 2FA on Twitter and moved that password to the wife’s 1password vault. Looks like it is …

2018-01-01 2018: I am seriously considering enabling 2FA on Twitter, but adding the 2FA OTP to my wife’s …

2017-12-23 Hostiles on the hill - Bad Lip Reading

2017-12-21 Listening to podcasts - 3 apps

2017-12-20 Icarus

2017-12-19 You guys?! Disney now owns Die Hard!

2017-12-19 Sour Grapes

2017-12-12 John Voorhees has a great post about automating holiday decorations. I have just completed all of my …

2017-12-12 This has been a long project, but we are pretty much done <img …

2017-12-11 Tonight’s movie is A New Hope. Han shoots first. Always.

2017-12-11 And it isn’t like the children are just eating frozen pizza while mom is away! <img …

2017-12-11 Preparation for school tomorrow. <img …

2017-12-10 I’m rewatching Rogue One, I am really struck by how mediocre the movie is, and how bad the Rebel …

2017-12-10 Today was an Apple Pay only day. All of my transactions were quick and seamless. Too bad …

2017-12-10 Tonight starts the Machete Order preparation for Friday. Might blend in the Episode 1-3 edit “Turn …

2017-12-10 While mom is away, the mice will eat sandwiches.

2017-12-09 A great post and link from @jamesshelley quoting Daniel Nesbit. One of the reasons I deleted the …

2017-12-09 Nothing like a good dinner with friends and family, a little bourbon, and Christmas Vacation to get …

2017-12-09 It isn’t so much that I am a Grinch this time of year, but more that I hate how busy every store and …

2017-12-09 Helping the wife pack and continuing to prep for a week without her. So much easier now, but never …

2017-12-09 Except it doesn’t do Markdown links…

2017-12-09 I can see that most of you are publishing via Wordpress, but as a Squarespace user, I am figuring …

2017-12-08 Today is a day to lay ground work for future improvements. Much work to be done.

2017-12-05 Leaving Medium



2017-11-28 Presenting from an iPad

2017-11-28 Sour Grapes was such a great documentary. So good, I watched it twice. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

2017-11-27 Someone is getting very comfortable.

2017-11-27 Someone is getting very comfortable.

2017-11-24 Didn’t have to do the dutiful son taking care of my parents technology, but I did it by FaceTime and …

2017-11-23 I write about the “firstest” of First World Problems and the “multi-watch lifestyle” …

2017-11-23 The Firstest of World Problems

2017-11-22 Now microblogging test with an image. <img …

2017-11-22 Testing, testing. 1. 2. 3.

2017-11-12 She’s a leaner

2017-11-12 She’s a leaner



2017-11-09 Figuring out this micro.blog thing. Twitter is becoming a little uninhabitable…

2017-10-22 Leading the march

2017-10-22 Leading the march

2017-09-22 The Shelf

2017-09-04 Clean Bandit - Symphony

2017-08-29 MultiPad lifestyle

2017-08-05 The Loyal Engineers Steering NASA’s Voyager Probes Across the Universe



2017-07-19 Beard trimmed, hair on point, ready for Tuesday.

2017-07-19 Beard trimmed, hair on point, ready for Tuesday.

2017-07-15 Cuban, watermelon and feta. Fair Winds double IPA. Best dinner companion.

2017-07-13 Worth every penny and more!

2017-05-27 Homework

2017-05-24 After a long day…




2017-03-06 Perfect lighting

2017-01-02 “Lap dog”


2016-11-27 Brunch ramen. #nofilter

2016-11-11 #friday thank goodness.

2016-11-08 Hazel and I cast my ballot this morning. She cast my vote for Hillary #imwithher

2016-10-30 Pretzel as big as his head!

2016-10-30 #latergram #nofilter

2016-10-30 Dipping feet in a mountain stream on part of the AT. #latergram #nofilter




2016-10-10 Chicken Milanese

2016-10-09 Celebratory martini.

2016-10-08 They didn’t last long…


2016-09-25 Sunday brunch Benedict

2016-09-22 BLTAE - BLT + avocado and egg

2016-09-21 Travel day caffeine

2016-09-20 Amazon store!

2016-09-20 Dinner!

2016-09-19 Right on time!

2016-09-19 Time for a cocktail. #cuc16

2016-09-19 Staked out a prime seat! #cuc16

2016-09-19 Double espresso #coffeeshoptourism

2016-09-18 #uberview

2016-09-18 #uberview in ATL

2016-09-09 Lunch beer - Commonwealth’s Humblebrag

2016-09-04 Dudes…

2016-09-04 Yes, that is a Krispy Kreme…

2016-09-04 Somewhere we mention “the people’s elbow”. Yeah…

2016-09-04 Hippocampus - pepper blonde - so amazing!

2016-09-04 Backyard bonfire, on the house after Guy helped fix the door.

2016-09-01 Blue Apron dinner, made by Jered

2016-09-01 Right before…

2016-08-31 Prepping.

2016-08-28 Today’s writing environment.

2016-08-27 First time at Cars & Coffee. Quite a display.

2016-08-25 Yep.

2016-08-25 Celebration time!

2016-08-25 Into the lion’s den…

2016-08-20 Mexican fiesta night at the pool

2016-06-24 Thoughts on the church of the future

2016-06-22 Owning the platform — revisited

2016-06-20 Butlerbot

2016-06-17 Living Bimodally

2016-06-15 An updated way to make the iPhone a dumb phone

2016-05-12 Automate all the tasks

2016-04-01 Crayon tattooing

2016-04-01 In line for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. Thanks, lucky FastPass getter @esther.benoit

2016-04-01 Headed back to the park!

2016-04-01 Two dudes, checking out a mermaid.

2016-04-01 The lines…!

2016-03-31 Couple of speed demons!

2016-03-31 I’m on a monorail…

2016-03-31 Red team strategy = Disney ride strategy

2016-03-31 Current status…

2016-03-31 Meeting my favorite characters.

2016-03-31 Vaporators? Sir, my first job was programming binary loadlifters—very similar to your vaporators in …

2016-03-31 Star Tours, the ride strikes back.

2016-03-30 One photo Star Tours review.

2016-03-30 She is proud of her rare purple monorail pin. I have created a pin-trading monster.

2016-03-30 Hollywood studios here we come!

2016-03-30 She loves the People Mover as much as I do!

2016-03-30 Animal kingdom

2016-03-29 Monorail ride into the Magic Kingdom!

2016-01-29 Kairos 10

2016-01-29 The Commander Thinks Aloud

2015-12-22 Making the iPhone a dumb smartphone

2015-10-30 Rough morning…

2015-10-21 Kairos Agape Cookies, boxes and boxes of them

2015-10-19 Early lifter catches the …

2015-10-18 I got my ear pierced to show Hazel it wasn’t so bad. Her ears are pierced now, so it must have …

2015-10-18 Guys coffee time

2015-10-16 Cereal and cookies. The breakfast of champions!

2015-10-15 Agape cookies

2015-10-13 Everyday…

2015-06-18 Watching TV

2015-05-26 This American Life: Birds and Bees

2015-05-04 Locked doors

2015-04-15 Delegate and Defer AppleScript

2015-01-30 Things I like

2014-12-25 Merry

2014-12-23 The Future: A Cat Litter Box and DRM

2014-12-23 Using Evernote (the right way)

2014-12-17 Productivity Late 2014

2014-11-19 Patrick Rhone’s new book

2014-11-12 Ben Brooks: The New Way to Edit Photos

2014-10-16 Game Theory: The Potluck Dilemma.

2014-08-24 GORUCK Training

2014-08-23 Why Isn’t ‘Arkansas’ Pronounced Like ‘Kansas’?

2014-08-21 jQuery UI tabs and Google Maps embeds

2014-08-10 Delegated.scpt

2014-07-18 Oxt weekend

2014-07-15 GORUCK lessons

2014-06-30 GORUCK Challenge class 1079

2014-06-29 Like a Girl

2014-05-15 Aliases

2014-05-12 Smart Appliances

2014-03-28 Dear Daugher

2014-03-28 Systems Meeting Notes

2014-03-09 Amish Evenings

2014-02-23 Hey Ya and grey hairs

2014-01-13 VIP — Very Irritating Person

2014-01-04 The Cheese Monger

2014-01-02 Ping, links and updated

2013-12-13 Why I don’t worry about the photos

2013-12-04 Don’t Start a Company, Kid

2013-12-02 Java and the Burning House

2013-11-14 New technology: a koan

2013-11-11 Rio 2016 Pictograms

2013-11-11 “…to do good or to do no harm…”

2013-11-07 Are you ready for some football?

2013-11-03 Workplace Equity is Good for Business

2013-11-01 In defense of the habitually late

2013-10-30 The Best Time Of Day To Drink Coffee

2013-10-10 Paperback

2013-09-19 Read Later

2013-09-04 Quitting Dropbox

2013-08-06 Owning the “platform”

2013-08-05 Except Mondays

2013-08-04 Worrying is not love

2013-07-19 The Coffeebar Experience

2013-07-19 Degree in Solipsism

2013-07-18 Everything is Marketing

2013-07-06 The movies in high school

2013-06-13 This Episode

2013-06-07 Red Teams Patch

2013-06-07 Picking up the phone

2013-06-06 Swimming

2013-05-21 Housewarming

2013-05-15 Anatomy of a semi successful live stream of commencement

2013-05-10 Prune Omnifocus

2013-05-09 A Better Delegated Omnifocus Applescript

2013-05-08 The Piracy Question

2013-05-08 Baïkal CalDav and CardDav and Dreamhost

2013-04-10 “Safe Mode”

2013-04-04 Goldie Blox

2013-04-02 Google Reader’s demise and those you love

2013-03-20 Podcasts listening update

2013-03-16 Hotel key card algorithms

2013-03-15 New focus

2013-03-13 Google Reader closes

2013-03-04 Chocolate Coffee Banana Donuts

2013-03-03 Hazunga

2013-02-24 Cranberry Orange Scones

2013-02-19 Everyday should be a good day

2013-02-18 Observations from Flying Solo

2013-02-17 Time bombs

2013-02-12 If you are not moving, get out of the way

2013-02-11 Flying Solo

2013-02-03 Greed

2013-02-02 Minds blown

2013-02-01 Putting the “social” in social network

2013-01-31 Version 4.0

2013-01-30 Missing something with Drafts and Scratch

2013-01-03 Buying a product, not being one

2013-01-03 Update on the TV Experiment

2013-01-02 Oven door hinges

2012-12-29 Operation Ho Ho Ho

2012-12-21 I was so frustrated

2012-12-16 SFTP on OS X 10.8

2012-12-16 Ingredient list to Omnifocus

2012-12-14 The BodPod

2012-12-13 outliner:// URL Scheme

2012-12-13 NSLookup Utility

2012-12-05 Desktop pоrn?

2012-12-04 Driving in Russia

2012-12-04 Octopress publish Hazel action

2012-12-04 Omnifocus Blog Drafts

2012-12-03 Stupid Coldfusion

2012-11-28 Drivers adapt to red-light cameras

2012-11-26 Applescript to create Due.app URLs

2012-11-26 Removing Double “Open With” Entries in Mac OS X Finder

2012-11-21 You are boring

2012-11-16 The best Home Alone

2012-11-16 The Folly of Jiro

2012-11-14 Borking Privacy

2012-11-13 Bookmarklet for Octopress

2012-11-13 Rob Trew’s Scripts

2012-11-13 Spotlight Tips

2012-11-13 Stop Lion from locking files

2012-11-13 Quick and dirty self-signed certificate in Apache

2012-11-13 Make the Library folder visible in Lion

2012-11-13 Stop the iPhone camera from automatically opening iPhoto

2012-11-13 Format of crontab

2012-11-13 Add a path to a bash profile

2012-11-13 Java 2012–006 KB

2012-11-13 Show / hide hidden files in Finder

2012-11-13 Movie and book lists

2012-11-12 Skyfall

2012-11-08 Octopress workflow

2012-11-08 The Best

2012-10-25 Regex Search and Replace Scripts

2012-10-25 GORUCK in the cold

2012-10-23 Apple’s bigger announcement

2012-10-22 Podcast listening setup

2012-05-18 Free Idea: Small Time SysAdmin

2012-05-17 Flying the ama

2012-05-16 Crossfit Kids is go

2012-05-10 Ice Ice SysAdmin

2012-05-10 How to Miss a Childhood

2012-05-10 Fully Off

2012-05-09 Everything does not suck

2012-05-07 The Other Part of the GORUCK Challenge experience

2012-05-07 My GORUCK Challenge experience

2012-04-26 StaticDimension 2.0

2012-04-24 Disconnected

2012-04-20 Meeting note Seismograph

2012-04-18 Dear Daughter…

2012-04-17 The TV Experiment

2012-04-17 Podcasts I am listening to

2012-04-17 An open letter to college admissions committees

2012-04-09 Parkinson’s law, Corollary of housewares

2012-04-05 XKCD: Live and in person!

2012-04-05 My Blog, My Outboard Brain

2012-04-02 Sunstroke: A Fever Reader for iPhone

2012-03-09 What Kind of Country

2012-03-08 The Shave

2012-03-01 #shitsiskosays

2012-02-24 Omnifocus to Day One daily log of completed tasks

2012-02-19 Perfect paleo breakfast


2012-01-28 Monterey Chicken Poppers

2011-11-01 Reply-allcalypse

2011-11-01 Google Reader share fail

2008-10-16 Thinking outside the box.

2008-10-16 They shouldn’t smoke

2008-09-30 The Productivity Manifesto

2008-09-10 Sharpening the saw

2008-08-23 In fact, six U.S. cities have been found guilty of shortening the yellow light cycles below what is allowed by law on intersections equipped with cameras meant to catch red-light runners.

2008-08-19 The “F” word

2008-08-19 Rules of Systems Analysis

2008-06-25 360° Awareness

2008-06-18 Self Experiment Update 2

2008-06-18 My new daughter

2008-05-18 Social Network Noise

2008-05-06 My iPhone 2.0 wishlist

2008-04-28 Customer Service = Productivity?

2008-04-24 A fundamental misunderstanding

2008-04-17 Everything is service

2008-04-11 Learning to turn off

2008-04-06 New York Times gets it all wrong

2008-03-09 Working for Workaholics

2008-01-10 Raising Expectations

2007-11-08 Just work vs. User experience

2007-11-07 Mission creep

2007-07-22 On being a male vegetarian

2007-07-10 Mann oder Frau?

2007-07-06 The imminent failure of basic computer education

2007-03-23 Kelly Johnson’s 14 Rules of Management

2007-02-13 You have to be seen to be noticed

2007-02-09 My personal productivity system

2007-02-08 On the road to productivity

2007-02-07 The importance of a personal productivity system

2007-01-30 Tom Cruise Crazy

2007-01-09 Math trick about children.

2006-12-18 Email from an idol

2006-10-20 Treat as urgent and confidential

2006-09-10 Myth Busted!

2006-09-09 My addiction


2006-07-18 Cancer update 3

2006-07-14 Biopsy (Part II)

2006-07-13 Biopsy

2006-07-08 Jeredb’s State of the Union

2006-06-26 I’m pissed!

2006-06-21 Update

2006-06-17 Rough Week

2006-05-16 A perfect quote from graduation

2006-05-08 Live and One Night Only!

2006-04-21 Coca-Cola Blak (a review)

2006-04-07 Oh no.

2006-03-10 Speaking of TV

2006-02-28 Organization for Designers

2006-02-24 Pride

2006-02-06 Jinx-a-licious

2005-12-20 Cat snores

2005-11-21 Mrs. Gomah writes again.

2005-11-16 My favorite number is 419

2005-11-14 Workday politicos

2005-10-25 43folders, interpretive dance, my wife

2005-10-24 Question…