Relearning and remembering how to play cribbage. An activity that my grandparents taught me is now being taught by my parents to my kids.

The sunset on our final night of the cruise.

First time at, and in the pool in years. Let’s see how my skin reacts.

Well, this is an odd turn - make it into poetry, I guess…

Members of the house
Someone - not us - is positive
A phone call while they are doing 70. Trip cancelled
Near the Kentucky/West Virginia border
A U-Turn
too little ham salad to be blamed

Today’s crisis - my mom didn’t buy enough ham salad on her way to my house. A perfect excuse for @estherbenoit to experiment in creating our own!

A nice painting 🎨 project started over the holiday weekend and finished yesterday. Time to varnish and prep the next one. E62739D6-E85F-4BA7-8D03-31273F22573E.jpg

A wet hike 🥾 with a buddy, and now coffee ☕️ and Formula 1 🏎. Not a bad way to start the day!

A gorgeous find at the botanical garden. Enough to justify a membership. 53C12C60-6993-4949-AC4D-E7D23EBD971A.jpg

My wife shared this, and it brings a tear to my eye. 854D0F94-E673-4F31-A581-F7362AB01341.jpg

Bratwurst and egg breakfast sandwich. Would recommend. Would eat again!