Deep thought 💭 on Changes

I have been working on some changes online and offline that I teased earlier. Well, here they are:

  1. I have moved my blog to Micro and macro, all in one. I trust that me paying @Manton will help keep the platform moving. If I start using it more, the more I am willing to invest in it. I have customized my theme so it feels like home. So, there is that.
  2. I have removed almost all of the social media from my life. I have been of Twitter for a long time (before they Nazis were so public), I deleted my Facebook accounts before it was cool. I deleted my Snapchat account because I didn’t need to try and keep a meaningless snap-streak going. I deleted Instagram because the endless well, while happiness inducing, was not healthy for my focus and my ability to be present. It is weird to not be on social media. And no, doesn’t count as social media since it is now my blogging platform (see what I did there…).
  3. I have set my phone to be gray scale. It is weird, but when I do turn on the color, the screen is so vibrant. I love it, but I wouldn’t even notice how brilliant the color is without the contrast. I’m less enticed, and when I need, or want to be, it is amazing.
  4. I have removed email, both work and personal, from my phone. I have removed Safari from my phone. I have removed RSS from my phone. I have added Moment and Screen time restrictions to my phone. I have adjusted my notifications to a very, very small amount, from my already very small amount of notification. Lastly, I have removed the messages app from my dock and turned off notification badges. This has made my responding to text messages much more like dealing with email, on my time.
  5. I have stopped wearing my Apple Watch. I could have muted my notifications, but there is a need for a hard break. I’m not sure why, but having the Apple Watch on my wrist felt like a tether, or a weight that I had to keep dragging with me. I am back to a great mechanical watch that my wife got me for Christmas.

So, I am harder to get in touch with, yes. I am not as “social”, but I am spending more time reading, and focusing on my real relationships. No more scrolling to tap on hearts. Sure, I’m missing photos of my nieces and nephews, but I have had a real phone call with my sister. I don’t get to see all the pictures that my friends post, but I am working to spend real time with them, enjoying a meal or having a real conversation.

Published: Mar 12, 2019 @jeredb →