Deep thought 💭 on Sour Grapes

I have been on a documentary kick recently. Maybe it is a push back against some reality TV that has been on in the house. Maybe it is because there seem to be more filtering into my Netflix recommendations and other media streams. I have always wanted to understand wine better. To better understand the flavors that people get from the wine, to understand what grapes go into making what wines from what part of the world, to understand why it can cost so much.

A documentary that snuck up on me was Sour Grapes. An incredibly well crafted documentary directed by Reuben Atlas and Jerry Rothwell weaves a complex tale that did not end up where I thought it would. To invoke the CGP Grey spoiler policy, I will not say anything more, but highly recommend giving it a watch, whether you like wine or not.

Published: Dec 19, 2017 @jeredb →