Deep thought 💭 on The Firstest of World Problems

I have been an original Apple Watch user since my lovely wife bought me one for Christmas 2015. While the Apple Watch Series 0 was too slow and too reliant on the phone, it was very close to the Dick Tracy watch or a James Bond gadget. When the Apple Watch Series 3 was announced, my wife said she wanted it. For her the addition of LTE connectivity was the piece that the Apple Watch had been missing all along. She wanted to be able to leave the house for a walk and still be reached, but without the temptation of walking with her nose pointed at her phone. For me, the Apple Watch went from being almost the Dick Tracy watch to the Dick Tracy watch, plus many of the gadgets that James Bond used.

On episode 41 of Cortex, CGP Grey spoke about having a day watch and a night watch. Using the older Apple Watch in a permanent night time setup, and the newer watch in a daytime configuration. So, when I recently upgraded to a Apple Watch Series 3, I wanted to do a similar thing. The Apple Watch Series 0 would be the sleep tracker and a silent alarm, the Series 3 would be my every day watch.

I have been having the firstest of first world problems.

When Apple has announced more frequent activity challenges, I was stoked. I had already started my “multi-watch lifestyle” configuration when the Veteran’s Day challenge arrived. Eleven minutes of exercise on November 11, was an easy challenge. I completed many multiples of 11 minutes of exercise and my achievement had not appeared, I was concerned. My wife had her achievement, my Apple Watch friends had their’s, but by 9 o’clock I still didn’t have mine.

I took off my day watch and put on my night watch. I started an “Other” workout, for 12 minutes, after which my achievement appeared immediately. My initial thought was that because the nighttime Apple Watch Series 0 was the first watch paired with the phone that it had some sort of primacy. This primacy didn’t impact the daily challenge of closing the move, exercise and stand rings, but some how didn’t allow for activity challenges to be accounted for.

Today’s Thanksgiving Day activity challenge proved to be no different. I dutifully completed my 5 km walk with my wife, after which her achievement appeared immediately. My phone didn’t show my achievement recorded. My day Apple Watch Series 3 didn’t show my achievement recorded. The Series 0 primacy was still in effect, even after migrating to a new phone, with the Apple Watch Series 3 being the first paired Apple Watch. That’s was the last straw. With the prospect of having to walk another 5 km, I was done with the “multi watch lifestyle”. I unpaired the Series 0 Watch, and handed it over to my brother-in-law. While he was getting the Apple Watch paired to his phone, I checked my achievements.

   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1200.0"]<img src="" alt=" I am wondering if CGP Grey is still living the multi watch lifestyle, and if so, do his activity challenges get counted? "/>  I am wondering if CGP Grey is still living the multi watch lifestyle, and if so, do his activity challenges get counted? [/caption] 

There it was. The firstest of first world problems solved. 

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