Deep thought 💭 on Butlerbot

A Trello assistant, or a foray into using bots

We are at the dawn of the “bot” revolution. Many pundits claim bots will replace apps and become a primary way of interacting with services. I am less confident in our new digital assistants, but with a new bot, I am becoming a fan of their usefulness. I first experienced the idea of a digital assistant in Siri, baked into my iPhone and she has worked in a less than spectacular fashion. She doesn’t hear me well, and I find her commands limited and not well documented. Overall, Not a great start to the revolution.

Enter Butler Bot, a bot for my Trello boards.

With Butler Bot I see the value of digital assistants. Butler Bot’s commands are clear and well defined. Ludable, the developer, has been quick in responding to feature requests, adding many with in a day of their request. This is making the bot better and easier to use.

So, what can Butler Bot do?

  • Create and archive cards on a schedule.
  • Move cards from one list to another based on labels or checklists completion.
  • Add checklists to cards in a specific list or when labelled.

These tasks are small and could completed by a person. I find Trello is best when using an established process, with each list being a phase of the process. Butler Bot automates the transitions between phases, making the upkeep on a Trello board simple.

If you use Trello, I highly recommend adding Butler Bot to a board, playing with the command structure and exploring where a bot can make your board better.

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Published: Jun 20, 2016 @jeredb →