Deep thought 💭 on The Commander Thinks Aloud

The anniversary of the Columbia disaster has come and gone, and several links around the internet have pointed to The Long Winters song The Command Thinks Aloud. I listened to the Song Exploder episode about the making of the song, and it is fantastic to hear the thought and love that was poured into a song about the Challenger disaster.

Today, I was listening to the song in Whole Foods and could help tearing up and crying. Something about the song, and how it is sung, made me think about how the brave women and men in both incidents had an understanding of the danger that they were putting themselves in and still did it. That is bravery. That is heroism.

I think I was crying in the grocery store aisles because I would miss my kids, I would miss my wife, I wouldn’t want to put myself in that much dangerous, be that far away. I hope that I can be that brave one day.

Published: Jan 29, 2016 @jeredb →