Deep thought 💭 on Delegate and Defer AppleScript

“Turns out…” that the OmniGroup linked to my Delegate AppleScript on their Inside OmniFocus page, which has lead to a lot of traffic to the site, but also a lot of questions/bugs being found in the script. I took some time to get those bugs squashed and add some other features.

Version 2.1 Release Notes


  • Improved: Inclusion of task name in email subject
  • Fixed: Issue 2

One issue I’m having with the script is the subject line it assigns to the email. I’ve examined the script and can’t see where the problem is coming from, and I’ve quit and restarted both Mail and OmniFocus 2 Pro, and keep having the same problem, as follows: When I run the script in OmniFocus, I finally get to the email that has a subject line beginning with Delegated Task from — — . (I changed your name to mine in the script.) But instead of then continuing with the name of the task being delegated, each time I run the script it just adds the name of the new task to the list of all the prior tasks. So I get something like this in the email subject line: “Delegated Task from — — : test action 1test action 2test action3test action 4” Each time I run a new test, it adds the name of the new test action at the end of that list.

  • Improved: Documentation on how to change icon — Issue 4
  • Improved: sendNotification spelling — doh! — Issue 3
  • Added: UTF-8 version of the script — here


  • Improved: documentation, and included in script
  • Removed: Delegated.scpt — to cut down on confusion
  • Improved: Added .png icon to project, also added icon to file (Not sure it will work)


  • Fixed: Squashed bug that would end script if setDeferredDate was true and the original task had no defer date
  • Fixed: Modified delegated and waiting task creation so only relevant properties are copied from original task
  • Fixed: Projects cannot be selected as the target of this script
  • Fixed: Completed tasks cannot be selected as the target of this script
  • Improved: Refactored code for reusability
  • Improved: Moved most code to handlers
  • Improved: Delegated task now has date that original task was delegated in the task note

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