Deep thought 💭 on Systems Meeting Notes

August 26, 2009

The switch did not transfer

Thus, we lost power

I’m going from memory

Two systems had problems

Switch Authentication

Wireless, I take it

But then had an additional issue

Quinton went to Radius school

Leaving us for his own company

They are close to five years old

You are not running an appliance

I’m OK with doing that

Let’s see

The thing that really hit me

Shut down with an SMNP call

It’s a benefit

Number one, number two

Fit in the critical group

I assume it involves some sort of agent

I never got any report

♩♩ Little short-cuts being taken!

♩♩ When some-thing bad happens!

Doesn’t flip the switch

It worked

Engage in the partner system

From what I understand

On that Havana system

A full system failure

We do this in drills

That’s what I’m saying

We need to come together

Given what we knew

All I can say is

Let’s not do anything

We didn’t feel the same way

Would of come to a different conclusion

I wasn’t here

That Monday morning

It’s your service

At what point do we stop the recovery

Any other points

If it happened this week

There is never a good time

I’m sorry

I wasn’t here

I think that is impressive

I’m the only one who tried it

All it has to do

We’d be half the way there

Any other observations

I think that’s a good one

These make sense to those who where there

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