Deep thought 💭 on VIP — Very Irritating Person

As a rule on iOS, I do not have my mail alert or notify me in anyway. I think I would have torn my hair out when I was working in IT. My wife on the other hand juggles two phones, work and personal, and has alerts and notifications on the work phone, but not the personal. She is very mindful if her email and her attention and rabidly works her inbox down to inbox zero daily.

The only issue can be a student who persistently emails. In a matter of minutes, an unhappy or needy student can rattle off 6 to 10 emails, causing her phone to send me into a notification epileptic seizure.

Today, I had an idea. Turn the VIP feature from its intended purpose to the “Very Irritating Person” feature.

  1. In, set the sender as a VIP by tapping on their name in the From: field. Once in the Sender’s contact information, tap Add to VIP.
  2. In, tap Notification Center, then Mail, finally tap VIP.
  3. In the VIP settings, set the Alert Style to “None”, disable the Badge App Icon, set the Alert Sound to none and the Vibration to none(Counterintuitively, with in the Alert Sound menu), disable Show in Notification Center, disable Show on Lock Screen, and disable Show Preview.

Voila! “Very Irritating Person” mode is enabled. Anyone who you do not want to be notified of email from just needs to be added as a VIP, everything else should notify you as normal.

Published: Jan 13, 2014 @jeredb →