Deep thought 💭 on Ping, links and updated

Earlier this week Patrick Welker of RocketINK fame linked to my site and my GitHub repo of my fork of rbugajewski Fuck-Huff-Duff private podcast webapp. I am extremely flattered.

There was one odd thing that I noticed, weird podcasts being added to my Ping! feed that I don’t remember adding. Not completely unusual, I do have some fugue moments in my week, but it was odd. It didn’t dawn on me until tonight to double check the source code in the repo.


I had hard coded the site url in the bookmarklet.

I have fixed it now1, but whoever has been saving podcasts over the past few days, you might need to pull the latest changes and try again.

Sorry, and I have learned from my error.

  1. All from my iPhone, in bed, including this post. Living in the future. ↩
Published: Jan 2, 2014 @jeredb →