Deep thought 💭 on The Coffeebar Experience

I subscribe to Tonx Coffee. Every two weeks they send me some delicious, fresh roasted coffee. Each shipment they send a little card describing the coffee and a letter from the team.

This shipment’s letter was to good not to share:

One of the big myths we try and bust again and again is the absurd notion that you need a professional barista with expensive gear to make a decent cup of coffee. No disrespect to our colleagues who make their living perfecting the brewing craft, but we strongly believe that a good cup in your kitchen is simply about starting with great beans and the just a bit of care.

But we can understand that even as the coffee you’re making at home starts beating the pants off the coffee from those baristas, you might still be missing some of the familiar atmosphere of a hip cafe. So here are a few suggestions for adding some authentic coffeebar ambiance back into your kitchen.

  • Instead of making your coffee right away, why not wait an extra 5–15 uncaffeinated minutes, shuffle around awkwardly, and maybe fiddle with your smartphone a bit.
  • Put on some music — the more obscure the better! Bonus points if it is music you dislike.
  • Let your bathroom get really messy! Put a big lock on it and keep the key sitting on your kitchen counter attached to a spatula or golf trophy.
  • Leave dirty dishes and sections of the newspaper in random places.
  • In lieu of flyers for events and shows, just tape some your junk mail up on the wall.
  • Randomly turn off your wifi
  • Buy some unhealthy pasteries from a fancy bakery, but let them get nice and stale before you eat them.
  • And don’t forget to give yourself a dollar tip!

Of course great coffees like this current release feel like they transport us to another world, bringing their own beautiful ambience and inspiration to our mornings. No trick or redecorating required. As always, we love hearing from you with any comments, brewing questions, or tall takes you want to share.



Published: Jul 19, 2013 @jeredb →