Deep thought 💭 on Everything is Marketing

Seth Godin writes:

More people are doing marketing badly… than any other profession I can imagine. What an opportunity…

If we were building bridges this badly, the safety of our nation would be in doubt. The local sub shop makes a fine sub, but has a dumb name, a typo in their sign, no attention paid to customer service and on and on. Same for the big hospital down the street and the politician you wish would get a clue.

In my new job, my boss and I have had lengthy discussions about how every interaction that someone has with our University, that it is an experience to market the University, good or bad. Social media has been a blessing and a curse for the marketing department. It helps us reach our potential students, current students and alumni, but every department on campus thinks that they need to have a Facebook page and Twitter account (and LinkedIn organization, and Pintrest page, and … ). My issue with all of this “social”izing is, why? What value does the Library provide by having a Facebook page? What does the School of Business marketing department need to pin on Pintrest? When does a tweet from our Parking Services provide value?

Seth again:

Learn to see, to discern the difference between good and bad, between useful and merely comfortable.

And after you learn, speak up. Noticing doesn’t work if you don’t care and if you don’t take action.

That pretty much sums up my job.

Published: Jul 18, 2013 @jeredb →