Deep thought 💭 on Hazunga

A missionary visited a little village in a remote area in the rain forests of Africa. He asked the chief if he could speak to the people about the benefits of modern technology and medicine. The chief granted him his request and the following day, the entire village gathered in the popular assembly spot.

As the missionary extolled the virtues of modern western technology, the audience kept on waving their arms and shouting “Hazunga! Hazunga! Hazunga!”

Thinking this to be the people’s way of approving, he went on and on. He was later stopped by the chief who, as was the custom, invited him to his hut for lunch.

As they were walking from the popular assembly spot to the chief’s hut, the walked through a number of pens where cattle were kept. The chief warned his guest to be careful not to step in the hazunga.

My grandfather used to tell this joke with a decidedly Army flair.

Published: Mar 3, 2013 @jeredb →