Deep thought 💭 on Everyday should be a good day

Today was my first day back to they gym in a while. I have fought off a nasty flu/cold that sent me to the doctors, which is a rarity for me and should be seen as an indicator of how bad off I was. The illness immediately followed by the travel that my wife had to leave for left me out of the gym for three solid weeks.

This in combination with my lackadaisical workout schedule since the holidays has left me feeling more out of shape than in. Before heading out the door to get to the gym, I looked at the workouts for the week, as emailed to me by the gym owner. I found myself thinking that it might be easier to skip and go later in the week, but after reading the list for the week I resolved, “There is never a good day to start back at the gym, suck it up.”

I did, and had my rear handed to me.

The same gym owner has a tattoo on this back, on the left shoulder blade, “Everyday should be a good day to die”. He is a fighter pilot, F-22’s, and I can only guess as to the origins of the ink. I can say that it is not a bad philosophy to live by. Each day, make sure your affairs are in order, we don’t know how many days we get. Not a bad sentiment. Which makes me glad I went and worked out, because while it took a lot out of me and I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow, it was a good day to start back and get my bodily affairs in order.

Published: Feb 19, 2013 @jeredb →