Deep thought 💭 on Observations from Flying Solo

My wife is back from her business trip and these are some of my collected thoughts on flying solo as a parent.

  • Everything takes longer than expected, I figured this would be the case, but it always sucks to be reminded.
  • Rising early makes a huge difference, more can be accomplished efficiently while the little ones are sleeping.
  • Having checklists can be a life saver. I knew exactly what needed to be packed in everyone’s bag the night before they were needed, making sure that I either had them packed the night before or before everyone was awake.
  • Convenience foods are, unfortunately, convenient. I had great plans to cook from scratch a majority of the food, but given the first bullet, exceptions must be granted.
  • There are some times when it is easier to say “Yes” than argue over “No”.
  • Expecting a lot at work when a majority of the days require arriving at work late, leaving during lunch to shuttle kids, and leaving early to pick everyone up, is frankly a recipe for failure.
  • When a perfect storm of extra curricular activities, work and this business trip, ruthlessly saying “no” is a must.
  • Having animals with kids this age is crazy making, I understand why my parents are happy they no longer have pets.
  • Finding tasks that the little ones can help with or accomplish by themselves saves heartache and time (sometimes).
  • “Do less better” should be the mantra.
Published: Feb 18, 2013 @jeredb →