Deep thought 💭 on Time bombs

I listened to the latest episode of the Enough podcast and the guest Pat Dryburgh in relating his spate of deleting his social media accounts, starting ing fits and spurts said off handedly that there was a time bomb attached to every thing he creates.

When I was a print graphic designer I used to design one off logos and projects that I would intensely work on and the after printing a single copy or hearing it, I would delete it (or technically not save it). My fellow designers would ask why I didn’t save it, print more copies, some how keep the design around. I couldn’t explain it except the process of creation and then not saving once it was done was either a form of sacrifice or like a Tibetan mandala.

In the digital world, we have learned on many occasions, everything lives forever. But having things with a finite life time, digital or not, increases the value. Deleting things is not bad, “create and destroy”. Draw something and then toss it.

Published: Feb 17, 2013 @jeredb →