Deep thought 💭 on If you are not moving, get out of the way

When the Girl was born, I wrote about 360° awareness, which is something that still gets to me when people lack it. Case in point, this weekend at Trader Joes, it was a mad house. People and carts everywhere. The people killing about, oblivious to those around them, not keeping the lanes of traffic free. It reminded me of Merlin Mann’s video. The rules of the grocery store are:

  • keep moving
  • if you are not moving, get out of the way

These two things should be universal axioms, things we all understand. Apparently, they are lost on the lady with the smart looking haircut and quilted vest who leaves her cart blocking the middle of the aisle while she internally debates the pros and cons of the organic frozen broccoli and the non-organic broccoli.

Published: Feb 12, 2013 @jeredb →