Deep thought 💭 on Putting the “social” in social network

In a previous post I discussing using services and products interested in taking my money, instead of data about me. I deleted my Facebook account, stopped using Twitter and switched primarily to This was an interesting change, the conversations were richer, partly because of the increased character limit, partly due to the more selected population. The problem that I found was that there wasn’t a whole lot of social in the social network. Not that there aren’t people who are friends on, it is just that they are not my friends. I’m not re-joining Facebook, although there are plenty of people I “know” on there, I find the signal to noise ratio hard to justify. The one place I’m going to go back to is Twitter. My wife is on Twitter, so is my sister and brother-in-law, and my co-workers. So why am I cutting myself off from them? If you see me on Twitter, now you know.

Published: Feb 1, 2013 @jeredb →