Deep thought 💭 on Update on the TV Experiment

On April 17 of 2012, I wrote about The TV Experiment we started. It involved:

Here is what I am purposing:

We are going to cut the cord. We will get the content for our TV from streaming devices or HD local over-the-air sources, particularly for time sensitive or sporting events.


  • We will use the second generation Apple TV and iTunes to get some shows, as well as newly released movies. We will use Netflix on the Apple TV to entertain the kids with the variety of shows they want.
  • We will use our upscaling DVD player for movies from the RedBox and public library.
  • We have purchased a proper digital over-the-air antenna from Mohu so the few national and international sporting events we want can be watched.
  • We will disconnect out TiVO and while not having any issues with the service, it is always a time sink. The fact that it can suggest shows means that there is always more TV to watch (Yes, I know it can be turned off…).

Here is what I have found since “cutting the cord”.

  • We watch significantly less television and what we do watch, we are more intentional about in content and intentional in watching.
  • The more story driven the show, the more likely we are to watch it. We have found several good series, and only a few so-so series. The good series are worth every penny, the so-so series are either mindless when we really need some mindless TV, or they get dropped pretty quickly.
  • We watch on both Netflix and from the iTunes Store. I have “caught up” on all of the science fiction movies I should have seen to carry my nerd card.
  • The few times we have needed to watch traditional TV the experience with the Mohu is good, but the amount of commercials is unbearable. The other thing that is unbearable is the advertising of the more adult oriented content during the kid viewing prime time. I don’t need my kids asking about what happened to that man on CSI.

At this point, I don’t see us going back to being cable subscribers, or viewers of traditional over the air broadcast TV. We have enjoyed not having to punch the TV God’s time clock.

As a final note: The shows we have really come to enjoy: Homeland, Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, Damages), Elementary.

Published: Jan 3, 2013 @jeredb →