Deep thought 💭 on Skyfall

I was nervous about the reboot of the James Bond Franchise, how could Daniel Craig be a decent Bond? He was blond, didn’t look nearly debonair enough. How would the plots continue to grow in the loss of the Russians as the primary villain? Casino Royale was a great start, gritty and realistic. Daniel Craig made a great Bond.

The series hit a hiccup at Quantum of Solace, in that the movie felt mopey and uninteresting. The villain didn’t seem very villainous, the danger didn’t seem very real. Frankly, it just sucked.

Heading to see Skyfall I was suspending my judgement, hoping for the best.

From beginning to end, I can comfortably say that it is the best Daniel Craig era Bond. I am almost on the verge of awarding this movie the honorific of “Best Bond movie. Period.” Sacrelig, you might say, particularly if you grew up with Sean Connery as Bond. But Daniel Craig is James Bond. He delivers the wry lines without them sounding cheesy, he shows emotion but doesn’t shy away from being cool and deadly when needed.

Published: Nov 12, 2012 @jeredb →