Deep thought 💭 on GORUCK in the cold

I got an email today in regards to my GORUCK experience. It was a little surprising as I have been very close to “murdering my darling” in the past 6 months. Since I helped someone, maybe I’ll give this blogging thing another swing.

I came across your blog when I Googled “how to prepare for the cold during a GoRuck Challenge”. I am an IT director in Lexington, KY and I am doing my first GRC in 1.5 weeks in Louisville KY. I have been training for 6 months, and I am completely burned out. I did my first tough mudder this past weekend, and I loved it. Froze my tail off, but loved it. Finished strong, and felt good. So, after doing the TM…we realized that we have double the distance and time with the GRC…and that weekend it is supposed to be 30 degrees Sat night. I am looking for any advice on how to stay warm. Physically, I feel as ready as I can, but mentally..I have to get through the cold barrier.

Thanks for your post on the was helpful. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

The questions asked are one of the reasons I haven’t signed up for the December GRC in Virginia Beach.

Here is what I offered:

Awesome work on finishing the TM. I had a buddy who finished the same event and he love it as well.

As for keeping warm: embrace that you will be cold. The cadre will make sure no one gets in the danger zone. Don’t be afraid of the penguin huddle, it makes a huge difference. Make sure you have some compression/thermal gear, helps with the chaffing, keeps you as warm as you can be. Bring spare socks, hat, gloves (in a waterproof bag) and try to keep your wind breaker/fleece/outer layer as dry as you can as long as you can. I didn’t and that is my only regret. Swap them (socks, gloves and hats) at the major break, you’ll know when it is, you’ll actually be able to relax (for a little bit at least).

Be armed with the knowledge that just as you are warming up and getting dry, you will get wet again. Take a deep breath and embrace it.

Lastly, rely on your team. Know that everyone is cold with you, but if it really sucks, let your battle buddy know, they may be willing to share something dry and warm.

Let me know how it all goes down.

Good luck, God speed and GORUCK.


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