Deep thought 💭 on Crossfit Kids is go

I have an amazing wife. I’ll tell you why, because on Mother’s Day weekend, she let me hang out at the Crossfit gym and go through the Level 1 Certification process. The reason why she let me do it, apart from how awesome she is, is because I am going to a Crossfit Kids coach at our gym. This means that my wife not only gave up her Mother’s Day weekend, but she also gave up a weekend in April to let me go to northern Virginia and complete the Crossfit Kids Certification.

What does being a Crossfit Kids coach mean? It means that I get to train kids from 4 to 8 to move efficiently and hopefully help them and their parents stave off the top two diseases in kids, diabetes and obesity. It means that the kids I coach will (hopefully) be better able to move in space and in the Crossfit mantra be prepared for “the unknown and unknowable”.

What does it look like? Or “You aren’t really going to make those kids to that crazy stuff from, are you?” The answer is no. The kiddos aren’t going to be moving weight overhead, not until they are almost out of my age group, and even then it is going to be “very light” by adult standards. Most of the time we are going to be learning good movement mechanics, doing lots of jumping, running and tumbling, but most importantly, having fun.

If you are local and want to see what Crossfit Kids is about get in touch with me and we can get your kiddos in the gym. If you are local and interested in Crossfit in general, get in touch and I can show you a great work out in less than an hour. Lastly, if you are not local, the Crossfit community is pretty tight, so I can find a great Crossfit and/or Crossfit Kids program near you.

Published: May 16, 2012 @jeredb →