Deep thought 💭 on Ice Ice SysAdmin

At work, my manager has to come up with a new paragraph to describe what his section of IT, Systems Administration and Database Operations, does for the website. Below is my contribution.

Sung to the tune of Ice Ice Baby

Systems and Database Operations will stop

Collaborate and listen

Work with you on your brand new innovation

If Something grabs a hold of you tightly

we’ll work to make it happen daily and nightly

Will we ever stop you?

The answers no.

Turn off the lights and the datacenter will glow

To the extreme I rock a system like a vandal

Light up your desktop and wax a system like a candle


The number of servers will boom

We’ll killin’ your work orders like a poisonous mushroom

Deadly, when I install a new service

Anything less that the best is a disservice

Love it, can’t leave it

We know you can’t wait

We will hit the bull’s eye

Sys Admins don’t play

If there is a problem

Yo, we’ll solve it

Check out the knowledge books while my DJ revolves it

Published: May 10, 2012 @jeredb →