Deep thought 💭 on Everything does not suck

I was in the doctor’s office with zero cell signal, so I was forced to read some dead-tree media. I picked up Entertainment Weekly issue 1203, the Summer Movie preview edition, not my normal reading fair and started thumbing through it. I found some summer blockbuster movies that I wanted to see, but the article that got me steamed was one that was around the topic:

So there are 4 TV shows that were great in the beginning, but are boring now.

This got under my skin, just like listening to Tech News Today 481 with Nilay Patel. The topics included the IKEA UPPLEVA TV and the Pebble. Nilay was a total downer on the IKEA TV

“This TV is going to look bad. It is not going to look good. It’ll have an HD picture. You can go into a Best Buy and buy a cheap TV, that has bad black levels, poor contrast and weird colors for $400.”

Sure. Nilay might be right, the TV might not be the most awesome TV on the market, just like the author of the article about the TV shows might be right, the shows might be becoming pedantic and boring.

I can’t read gadget blogs, I can barely listen to the people who write for gadget blogs because they have this endless fascination with the newest, the latest and greatest. If I had new technology coming across my desk every few hours, I am sure I would become jaded. The difference is, I don’t. I have to buy what I use, which means that my addiction to food, clothing and shelter take precidence over acquiring the Android device that was release 4 minutes ago and will be outclassed a day from now. If I could, I don’t know that I would want to expend the energy to keep up with it. Just like the entertainment reporter who thinks that TV shows are getting boring. If I had enough time in each week to devote four shows and I was able to watch enough of them to get so immersed in the show to realize that I was getting bored, I should really start to consider what I am doing with my life.

I get it, it is their job.

Here is the part that rubs me wrong: Everything does not suck. Each person who gets what they can, either a new TV or watching one TV show regularly, doesn’t know what they are consuming, unless there is someone who creates unreasonable expectations for them.

Everything does not suck.

Published: May 9, 2012 @jeredb →