Deep thought 💭 on Disconnected

As a society, we’ve done our absolute best to saturate ourselves with TV, news, articles, blog posts (yes, like this one), tweets and photos. Most of it, however, holds little meaning to us beyond the momentary endorphine hit and amusement of sharing it amongst your friends.

This is not something that we need to undo, necessarily. Society has proven vastly more productive, as whole, with these tools and connections. On the other hand, at an individual level, I believe we are unaware of the effect that this constant saturation has upon us. It wears down our focus and sucks away every moment our brains have, in the past, used to truly understand the material we consume.

We need to take a collective step back and wonder: is this really what’s best for each of us?

Published: Apr 24, 2012 @jeredb →