Deep thought 💭 on Sunstroke: A Fever Reader for iPhone

I have been using the native web app for viewing Fever° on the iPhone and waiting for Reeder 3 to ship with Fever° support. In the mean time, I have had to build some odd muscle memory tricks to browse quickly, but also manage to save items that I want to read later. The biggest thing is not using the web app as “Saved to Homescreen” “app”. That is one of the worst options, because when I go back to the Fever° “app”, the whole “app” has to reload and I lose whatever blog post I as reading. So much for saving it for later.

Today I was following a Twitter rabbit trail, catching up with tweets from my favorite developer Shaun Inman, and Shaun retweeted a link announcing Sunstroke: a Fever Reader for iPhone.

This is exactly what I have been looking for. The apps is very clean, although I don’t care for the app icon or the “action” button in the article view. It is much more stable than Ashes, so I am hoping that the developer is planning an iPad version.

Published: Apr 2, 2012 @jeredb →