Deep thought 💭 on Omnifocus to Day One daily log of completed tasks

Brett Terpstra posted an Applescript that takes the completed tasks in Taskpaper and posts them to Day One. I have gone back and forth between Taskpaper and OmniFocus, so I immediately set to modifying the script to work with Omnifocus. My script cribs adapts Chris Brogan and Rob Trew Report Generator.

Here are the results:

Jered Benoit
Omnifocus -> Day One Daily Completed Task Log
Based upon [Version 1.0] [1] of [OmniFocus - Weekly Project Report Generator] [2]
Originally Authored by Chris Brogan and Rob Trew
February 5, 2012
the usual brilliance of Brett Terpstra's
This only selects tasks completed with in the last day.
As noted in [Brett's post] [3], you must have a symbolic link to the Day CLI. I dorked mine up, so there you will have to modify the noted line noted to get this scrip to work properly.
Symbolic Link terminal goodness:
> ln -s "/Applications/Day One/Day" /usr/local/bin/dayone
tell application "OmniFocus"
set ExportList to (current date) & return & return & "Completed Projects in the Last Day" & return & "---" & return & return as Unicode text
tell default document
set refFolders to a reference to (flattened folders where hidden is false)
repeat with idFolder in (id of refFolders) as list
set oFolder to folder id idFolder
set ExportList to ExportList & my IndentAndProjects(oFolder) & return
end repeat
set ExportList to ExportList & return & return & "Tasks Completed in the last day" & return & "---" & return & return & return
set day_ago to (current date) - 1 * days
set refDoneInLastWeek to a reference to (flattened tasks where (completion date ≥ day_ago))
set {lstName, lstContext, lstProject, lstDate} to {name, name of its context, name of its containing project, completion date} of refDoneInLastWeek
set strText to ""
repeat with iTask from 1 to length of lstName
set {strName, varContext, varProject, varDate} to {item iTask of lstName, item iTask of lstContext, item iTask of lstProject, item iTask of lstDate}
if varDate is not missing value then set strText to strText & short date string of varDate & " - "
if varProject is not missing value then set strText to strText & " [" & varProject & "] - "
set strText to strText & strName
if varContext is not missing value then set strText to strText & " *@" & varContext & "*"
set strText to strText & " " & return
end repeat
end tell
set ExportList to ExportList & strText as Unicode text
-- Modify "/usr/local/bin/dayone/dayone" to "/usr/local/bin/dayone" if you didn't screw it up like I did.
do shell script "echo " & (quoted form of ExportList) & "|tr -d "t"|/usr/local/bin/dayone/dayone new"
end tell
on IndentAndProjects(oFolder)
tell application id "OFOC"
set {dlm, my text item delimiters} to {my text item delimiters, return & return}
set day_ago to (current date) - 1 * days
set strCompleted to (name of (projects of oFolder where its status is done and completion date ≥ day_ago)) as string
set my text item delimiters to dlm
return strCompleted & return
end tell
end IndentAndProjects
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