Deep thought 💭 on Self Experiment Update 2

With the addition of Hazel, the experiment phase of my self experiment project (initial post, update 1) has come to fruition.

After months of priming my sleeping patterns with Pzizz, we are now going to be in the thick of up and down with the baby. Updates regarding how neurolinguistic programming has helped or hurt with getting more sleep will be coming soon.

To ensure the thorough nature of this experiment, I need to disclose that Esther and I have had a fairly easy first three days home. We have found a equitable system of sleeping around the baby’s needs. I am getting about three to four hours of sleep a day. I know that the total amount of sleep will not increase with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), I am hoping it will increase the quality of sleep.

The next couple of days and weeks will be interesting.

Published: Jun 18, 2008 @jeredb →