Deep thought 💭 on My iPhone 2.0 wishlist

June is coming quickly, never more true as we wait for our baby. It has been rumored that Apple is releasing SDK built apps for public consumption. Oh yeah, and that iPhone 2.0 3G thing. While I am curious about the 3G availability and any price increases on the 3G data plan, the thing I am most excited about is the third-party applications.

Some of the applications I am most looking forward to are:

  • OmniFocus Lite

    I need a way to take my OmniFocus with me. Syncing (not necessarily over-the-air) is critical and I would like the application to be a mobile version of the robust Getting Things Done application.
  • Office Lite

    The mobile office suites are limited to viewing most document, that combined with the iPhone’s native view-only capability makes getting real “office” work impossible, unless you really like Marker Felt fonts. A iPhone native office suite would be very nice, I don’t need it full featured, but cut and paste would be very attractive for me to throw some dollars at.
  • Call Screener

    Blackberry has a cool app that lets you whitelist calls you want to receive, but lets the rest go to voicemail. I love this idea. I would easily throw $20 — $30 at an app like this.
Published: May 6, 2008 @jeredb →