Deep thought 💭 on You have to be seen to be noticed

Last night I was watching Enterprise, yes, I know I’m a geek, and “Trip,” the chief engineer said something while dressed for shore leave. “You have to be seen to be noticed.” He was of course dressed in a loud and obnoxious Hawaiian shirt.

The funny thing is that he is completely right. I used to know a coworker who did very little to take credit when it is due to him and he essentially locked himself in his cubicle. Not only did he miss out on valuable social interactions that could have clued him in on office happenings and politics, he also missed out on appropriate opportunities to make his contributions known.

If you are the nail that sticks out furthest you’ll get hammered on, but if you never get seen, you’ll never get noticed never

Published: Feb 13, 2007 @jeredb →