Deep thought 💭 on Cancer update 3

I think its update no. 3.

John has been at the VA hospital for like 48 hours straight. He was informed that they didn’t get enough cells to type the cancer, although they know that it is cancer. After he spoke with an oncologist, she let him know that she thought it was most likely not metastisized melanoma, but more likely lymphoma. If it is lymphoma, his current state is actually very good, it would be classifed by most professionals (and all my website reading) as stage 1. That’s not definative, but exhale a little relief.

The oncologist is trying to work with the surgeon to get a larger sample from the lymph-nodes, but the surgeon is kind of being a punk. The surgeon thinks that he shouldn’t do the operation, but the oncologist (who I think has a better grasp on the cancer) becuase it will delay his chemo. Um… the oncologist should make that call. This is the same surgeon who wanted to google jockey the whole time. I have a feeling I don’t like this guy. He looks a little like the, Dr. Lucien Dubenko the ER (NBC) surgeon.

He might not get any kind of treatment or surgery until August 2 or 3. We will be gone… but he might not get treatment then… we shall see.

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