Deep thought 💭 on Biopsy

Today is John’s biopsy. I’m going to be there to support Marina (his wife) and it looks like it might be a long wait. Do hospitals have wi-fi? I have packed a bag of snacks for us, because Marina is a little bit of a health nut. I mentioned us eating from the vending machine and she turned her nose up.

His appointment is at 11, but they want him to check in at 10:30 because it is a real surgery kind of procedure. Last night they were talking about being to the hospital at 9. I guess that’s how they deal with the stress, but it’s just going to make more uncomfortable hospital time (I guess that’s just me though).

If the hospital has wi-fi, I’ll update as I can, but if not I’ll post later.

Published: Jul 13, 2006 @jeredb →