Deep thought 💭 on Jeredb’s State of the Union

My readers, the state of Jeredb’s Union is strong.

You may notice a change in the look of, that is due to the upgrade to I have been with Blogger since my sophomore year in college and have made use of every little feature that they have squeezed into their service, but I have finally out grown the service as a whole. I want a more robust blogging experience, and while I’m not hosting my own Wordpress install, I think that this is an improvement.

Continuing on Jeredb’s use of technology, the iPod shuffle was replaced days before the year-long warrenty expired. The transition was quick due to Apple’s policy and the change has gone swimmingly.

Esther has gotten an iPod shuffle as well to allow her to work out with the fear of her iPod getting dropped or broken. An understandable purchase and a necessary one.

In three weeks, we are going to be going out to Kansas and Wisconsin for our first vacation since graduating from college. It will be a two week affair with it ending in 6 days of bicycle riding through Door county in Wisconsin. We will be doing about 360 miles over the 6 days and will be audioblogging / podcasting the experience the entire time. I am unable to embed a flash player directly into this site, but you can access the podcast at Odeo through this link ( ).

Working at University Relations has been excellent. I have a wonderful group of co-workers and the freedom to create projects that I am interested in. I have created the impetus behind podcasting at the University, and have been working to get a more “edgy” look to come out in our publications. I am happy with the department in which I work, but my radar is always active to other opportunities.

Esther and I have been married just over 1 year now and all I can say is that we are a stronger couple now than we ever thought we could be. We have been working through the normal things that a newly married couple go through as well as Esther’s dad’s cancer.

John’s cancer is a developing story, we don’t have much information about it currently, but I will post what I know when I get it.

On a lighter topic, Esther and I have gotten a dog in addition to our cats. Oscar is now integrated into our house, and Floyd and Jinx have been adjusting well.

The state of the union is strong!

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