Deep thought 💭 on Update

After a very restful weekend, I am “once more unto the breach.”

Let me tell you, I’m sick of print design. Not the love of ink on paper, but print design in a place that doesn’t accept good design, that doesn’t have the budget for good design and that doesn’t let designers push the envelope.

I want to move into digital media, I’m doing podcasting right now and I want to be more involved with blogs, plus I’ve got this calendar thing that I’ve been doing for almost a year so I think that it can all become official and be rolled into a new job with a title something like “Emerging Media and R&D Specialist.” I really wouldn’t care if I get asked to “research” and project manage problems around campus, in fact, I think that it would be alot of fun.

Anyway, dog is okay, Esther is getting better, and John’s first appointment is 5 days away.

Published: Jun 21, 2006 @jeredb →