Deep thought 💭 on Coca-Cola Blak (a review)

I have been intrigued by the concept of Coca-Cola Blak from its first announcement. How can you combine a sweet syupy cola flavor with the bitterness and strength of coffee? Before I continue with the review a brief interlude. While living in Europe, I came across a great little stop, the Baeren-Treff, a purveyor of fine gummy bears. One of the most unique flavors that they carry is a coffee flavored gummy. A slightly different flavor that what I was used to, the coffee gummies became my favorite very quickly. Enough coffee flavor with enough sweetness.

… continuing the Coca-Cola Blak review. The drink is a liquid coffee gummy. It has struck a good balance in flavors, althought the carbonation is a little off putting. The initial smell is overly sweet and when the coffee flavor hits you, you might be a little dumb-founded. The flavor is good, but I don’t think that Coke can go up against Starbucks like they were planning. The fizz doesn’t do it for me.

Esther, after tasting it found the perfect use for the drink. Ice cream floats! That is the most perfect idea/use of the sode ever! A little dollop of vanilla would make the cola and coffee flavors dance. I will try it tonight. Outside of the odd flavor and limited use, the only “real” gripe that I have is the price. At nearly $5.50 for 4, it is along the lines of a Frappachino 4-pack, but not nearly the same volume. That’s a little bit of a disapointment, but overall it’s not too bad of a drink.

Published: Apr 21, 2006 @jeredb →