Deep thought 💭 on Oh no.

Work as been stressful the past couple of days, lots of projects with tight deadlines. Not so much fun.

Oscar went in on Wednesday to “reduce his manliness” and when we got him back yesterday, the vet said he had a a seizure. I thought: “No big deal, so high powered drugs might make me seize up too.”

Last night he had one at 6:15ish. It was freaky. I’ve dealt with people seizures before but never an animal one. It’s scary and sad and very, very messy.

So right before bed, we let Oscar out into our bedroom. We have been slowly trying to introduce him to the cats and the house. He was acting really weird. He would look at me and then at Esther. It was a confused look. I knew something wasn’t right.

After twenty seconds or so, he started to convulse. He ran into the bed, Esther’s nightstand. He was shaking but wouldn’t fall over. He looked like a little wind-up toy that vibrates and moves around. I grabbed him and we took him into the bathroom. He finally convulsed onto his side. I held him and tried to talk him through it. The weird thing was when he came out it, he acted like nothing had happened. He did have something wrong though, he kept wanting to rub part of his shoulder or head on the ground.

Esther hardly slept last night. I know she was worried. She’s going to probably crash this afternoon.

Before I left for work, he had another episode. Esther has taken him to the vet. They said he might be epileptic. Oh my…

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