Deep thought 💭 on Jinx-a-licious

Jinx is a cat that we adopted a year and a few months ago. She was very anti-social. She has since become a very social animal and a lot of fun to have around.

Recently, she has started to watch TV with us. Usually it’s nature shows on PBS or Discovery. Yes. She actually watches them. Understands them? Probably not. But enjoys watching flamingos fly? Yes.

Saturday, we were watching Grizzly Man, with Jinx sitting a few feet from the TV enjoying the bears. A scene where a grizzly is scratching it’s back on a tree — Jinx still watching. The bear finishes and begins to walk towards the camera — Jinx is crouching down, ears pulled back, tail huge! Bear sniffs camera — Jinx shoots out of the room, has not returned since.

And I thought Skeleton Key was spooky.

Poor Jinx.

Published: Feb 6, 2006 @jeredb →