Deep thought 💭 on Mrs. Gomah writes again.

In a previous entry, I shared with you how Mrs. Gomah, from Abidjan, needed my help to get a large sum of money. I also posted by response. Here is what rolled in over the weekend.


Dear Benoit,

I’m in receipt of your mail and have noted your ideas therein. However, many thanks for your swift response to my proposition I am from Cote D’ Ivoire West Africa.

My word to you is that I won’t let you down and it will be a blessing to you and your family. There’s no risk involved in this transaction. Sequel to this,i will like you to forward your information like your private fax and telephone number for me to submit to the Bank for the commerce of transfer of fund to your account.

Please be informed that I will like to finalise this transaction with you legally and legitimately to the last letter and I do hope you will not mind it that way. All the documents relating to the fund is there and speaks for itself. With this I don’t think you will have problems in your country. The beneficiary of the fund will have to be changed from the “Foreign Partner” that’s from the name put it to your name and

address. Please help me accord this transaction with the due confidentiality it demands. Expecting your immediate response and May God Bless You.

Kind regards,

Mrs Gomah.

This was followed by another email this morning at 6:42 AM



i you dear please A critical key to successfully dealing with this transaction

i send you mail did you recieved it then get back me ok

Kind regards,

mrs gomah

Reponse will be coming shortly.

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