Deep thought 💭 on Workday politicos

I am a very political person.

I am left leaning.

I think that a socialist state takes better care of all people.

I vote Democratic.

I abhor most Republicans.

I am a very political person.

But not one person I work with know that.

A long time ago, I was told that talking about politics at work is rude and just not very smart if you want to keep and move up in your job. I have always heeded this advice. During the 2004 election, I didn’t post any pro-Kerry/anti-Bush propoganda. During the recent gubernatorial, I didn’t have any pro-Kaine/anti-Kilgore propoganda. I shy away from discussions of politics, even though it pains me to hear a left-leaning person get raked over the coals.

Politics are inappropriate in the workplace.

Some people I work with refuse to follwo this simple piece of advice. They are also the people, who while older, are dating multiple men and still go out to clubs multiple nights a week (these are my impressions, not hard facts). It’s odd. We are told to respect age, becuase with age comes wisdom. But what happens when the aged are too stupid to keep their mouths shut?

Politics are inappropriate in the workplace, no matter what.

Published: Nov 14, 2005 @jeredb →