Deep thought 💭 on 43folders, interpretive dance, my wife

Merlin Mann of has started podcasting little tips. In this podcast he discusses the different formats he plans on putting future podcasts in.

The list includes:

  • plain text transcript
  • html
  • xml/rss/atom
  • audio/mp3
  • DRM-protected wav
  • pocket-sized pamphlet
  • double-lp
  • cassingle
  • wax cylinder
  • braille
  • ASL
  • closed captioning
  • Kalahari clicking
  • semaphore
  • cuneiform tablet
  • pompeiian fresco
  • interpretive dance
  • touching biopic
  • 19th century bildungsroman
  • mime
  • naked local-access show
  • unexpected telemarketing call
  • 1940s show-stopping musical
  • pop-up book
  • chain letter
  • skywriting
  • custom gang signs
  • handwritten on index cards and sent to every extant reader of the site

I don’t think I have ever written about how much Esther likes to interpretive dance, but she does. She’ll do it to anything. No seriously. Anything. Commercials, yup. Real music, sure. Made up beat-boxing, definately.

The only thing I could do is shoot off an email to said Merlin Mann, which conveyed this.


After listening to your weekly wrap up podcast, I have to say that I loved your podcasts formats. My favorite was the interpretive dance. My wife interpretive dances to everything, she could possibly help. Let me know.


We shall see.

Published: Oct 25, 2005 @jeredb →