Deep thought 💭 on Minds blown

Last week, while coaching the Teens Crossfit class, two of the girls were discussing a television show that I was not familiar with. I inquired about the show and they were were confused about my lack of knowledge of current reality TV. They quizzed me about show after show, some of which I had heard of but a vast majority I had not or only a passing of the name.

“How can you not have seen [name of show]?”

“I don’t have cable.” I replied.

The two girls jaws literally fell open. After a couple of seconds, one asked, “How do you survive without TV?”

I tried to explain briefly how we watch TV, but by the time I got through the words AppleTV, they were already deep in conversation about how weird it was that I “didn’t watch TV”, almost as though I had stated that I didn’t eat food.

In the week since, I have gotten a few more questions from the girls, including “How do your kids live without TV?” and “What do you do at night?”

Their minds were blown.

Published: Feb 2, 2013 @jeredb →