Octopress workflow

Now that I am blogging on Octopress, my writing workflow has changed significantly, but the nice thing is that it is almost the same across devices now.

The Server

I have an iMac at home that is always on, so it is where my website is being generated. Every 10 minutes the command cd ~/octopress; rake generate && rake deploy is run. Hazel watches the blog folder in my Dropbox and when the content of a .markdown file is change to Published: True Hazel replaces the spaces in the filename with a dash and moves the file into the source/_posts folder and runs the same generate and deploy command.


When writing I can use whatever text editor I have up, ByWord, TextWrangler, Text Edit or vi. As long as I save it to the blog folder and change the publish flag, it goes off without a hitch.


When I am writing on the go, I use a combination of Launch Center Pro, TextExpander and Nebulous Notes. I have two custom Launch Center Pro actions that will launch Nebulous Notes with the blog header formatted correctly, one for external link posts, the other for just plain writing. After I am done writing, I type bdate in the date: field and change the published flag make sure Nebulous Notes saves the file to the blog directory in my Dropbox. The rest as they say is history.

Jered Benoit @jeredb